This is ZeusOS

The operating system of the future for digital agencies

ZeusOS, which is built on Airtable, is comprised of four core systems solutions. Learn more about each system on this page.
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Team Hub

The Team Hub features a team member directory, org chart, to-do lists for each team member, our signature applicant tracking system, and more, all supported by a base of automations running in the background.

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Learning Management System

Most agency owners end up having to do everybody else's jobs because their team members often don't know how to fully do their jobs. Why? Because their SOPs and trainings are spread across Google Docs, or worse, there is no documentation. Our Learning Management System is the antidote to this.

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Project Management System

The Project Management System makes your fulfillment more repeatable. When your fulfillment becomes more repeatable, your business becomes more valuable in terms of both enterprise value (if you ever plan to sell your business one day) and your personal life in the form of less overwhelm.

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Sales CRM

Seamlessly track all of your opportunities, contacts, accounts, and interactions while having access to a dashboard of nearly 100 different data points that most agencies will never have.

Our mission is to
fundamentally improve the lives of founders everywhere

Systems are the invisible difference maker for you and your team.

Systems turn your stressful job into a real business firing on all cylinders that grows without you.


of agencies that work with us end up selling within a year of implementation


MRR growth within six months of implementation


Deliverables assigned in the ZeusOS Project Management System


ZeusOS is built on Airtable. 300,000+ innovative companies use Airtable every day, including Shopify, Red Bull, GitHub, and Intuit. What's stopping you from using it too?