How The Clip Curator Manages Video Assignments

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The Clip Curator

Project overview

The Clip Curator, a burgeoning YouTube and short-form video agency led by Presley Milton and Cam Meunier, streamlined their content management and significantly enhanced project oversight with ZeusOS. With over 15 team members, the agency sought a centralized system to oversee the status and progress of multiple video projects simultaneously.

Sep 2023
About the Company
In the fast-paced world of digital content creation, The Clip Curator specializes in producing engaging YouTube and short-form videos. The agency's growing team needed a system that could keep pace with their expanding operations and provide a bird's-eye view of their creative pipeline.


Presley Milton was in search of an operational hub to track video outputs, manage editor assignments, and ensure progress on filming schedules. The need for an intuitive overview that could be a "visual god" of project statuses was essential for maintaining the agency's productivity and efficiency.


ZeusOS delivered a comprehensive system tailored to the unique demands of video production and agency management, offering:

  • A visual dashboard for at-a-glance project tracking.
  • Assembly line-like automated tagging and assignment notifications for editors.
  • Centralized communication and progress updates for all team members.

Project results

The implementation of ZeusOS had immediate and profound effects:

  • Presley Milton could instantly ascertain the status of all ongoing video projects, who was editing which piece, and what content still needed filming.
  • Editors received timely notifications, ensuring smooth workflow transitions and accountability.
  • Cam Meunier's enthusiastic endorsement, "Incredible system. THIS IS AWESOME!", reflected the team's boosted morale and satisfaction with the new system.

How The Clip Curator Manages Video Assignments


The strategic implementation of ZeusOS at The Clip Curator has revolutionized the way the agency manages its projects, improving both productivity and project transparency. The system has become the cornerstone of their operational success, enabling them to scale their creative output without sacrificing quality or oversight.

How The Clip Curator Manages Video Assignments


Presley Milton: "Having that visual of just being able to go and look (at everything all in one place), I'm like, 'Okay, we're good, everything's in progress."

Cam Meunier: "Incredible system. THIS IS AWESOME!"

What our customers say.

Max Sturtevant
Founder of an email marketing agency

"Do it. Revenue aside, the mental clarity is worth the investment."

Cam Meunier
Founder of a video agency

"THIS IS AWESOME. Incredible system."

Presley Milton
Founder of a video agency

A system that I can just plug people into whenever I bring on people
"This has been a game changer. It's completely changed the way my business is run Just being able to do things at the click of a button is just so helpful. Every day, I go in and I start assigning videos and then I see the editors and designers get tagged (automatically). Like, dude, I don't know what I would do without this. It's really changed the way I run my business. And being the operator, having a system that I can just plug people into whenever I bring on people, it's fantastic. So again, just infinitely grateful for what you guys have been able to do for us. It's something  I think about every day. So, yeah, I just wanna let you know that you have made a big impact and the hard work you guys put in does not go unnoticed.

Emiel Dingemans
Founder of an email marketing agency

"For us the PMS has been a game-changer and it definitely made project management easier and more streamlined. It's been very busy in the past few weeks, with quite a few new clients, a new client coming up next week, and a ton more in the pipeline."

Founder of a marketing agency

"ZeusOS automated almost all of our business operations and made our team at least 5 times more efficient."

Collin's agency went from $23,000 per month before Zeus to $120,000 per month nine months after Zeus.

Matt Byers
Founder of a marketing agency

Helped Us Build Scalable Systems to Grow
"As someone already well-versed in Airtable, hiring Zeus Systems to further streamline our operations was a decision I'll never regret. The Zeus team doesn't just bring technical expertise to the table, they bring actionable strategy that's tailored to our business goals. Their insights have not only optimized our Airtable setups, but propelled our operational efficiency to a new level. I'd highly recommend them if you're looking for guidance building scalable systems in Airtable."

Anthony Marsilio
Founder of an Amazon agency

Amazing team, amazing product!
"Working with Zeus was amazing. Jordan and his team built the entire operating system of our business. We didn't have any sort of flow to the business and what Zeus created is literally how we service work A-Z now."

Founder of a web agency

"If you sign 30 new clients this week, will you be able to handle all the work and keep everything in order? If not, you might need to buy the Zeus systems to help you. It's like buying something that helps stop fires from happening in your business, and you'd be wise to invest in something like that."

Sarah's agency went from $8,500 per month before Zeus to $31,000 per month nine months after Zeus.

Leo Moore
Founder of a copywriting agency

"Dont be a dumbass, fix your product."

Founder of a video agency

"The Zeus team helped us keep track of important information for our company. They also helped us create a system for managing projects that's easy to use and can grow with us. We wouldn't be able to grow our business without their help"

[Redacted] sold his agency within a year of implementation.

Jake Sullivan
Founder of a video agency

Felt like a partner, not a client
"Working with Jordan and the Zeus team was an incredible experience... They customized the system to really feel like it was mine... As a company, we've seen our workflow improve a lot... the slack integration that Jordan's team gave us has made everything a whole lot smoother. We've brought in a lot more clients recently. And the onboarding form has been super easy for that management."

Dylan Rich AKA The SDR Whisperer
Founder of a sales staffing agency

One of the best investments we've made in 2023.
"Completely streamlined the largest constraint inside our fulfillment. We're able to take on more clients and they're able to have a better experience with us."

Dylan's company, Automated Revenue, achieved a 7-figure run rate while running on Zeus Systems. Zeus helped raise them from roughly $600K ARR to $1,000,000 ARR

Kyler Nixon
Founder of a marketing agency

"It was a fast and efficient process that didn't leave us waiting months to get the system in place. The training was really helpful for such a robust system, and we really appreciated the little personalizations that were implemented for our specific company."

Matthew Johnson
Founder of a lead gen agency
My first and forever operations system
"Prior to working with Zeus, I had 0 systems in place. No CRM, no Project Management System - NOTHING. They not only helped me create one from scratch. But they also included training videos for each and every one and helped my executive assistant and Client Success Managers by engaging them in 1-1 calls. I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done and I continue to work with them to this day. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their operations to the next level."
Dylan Hendrickson
Founder of an accounting firm
Knocked it out of the park

"They freaking knocked it out of the park... the turnaround time was extremely quick... they've been nothing but a pleasure to work with so far. I very, very highly recommend you work with them."
AJ Bird
Founder of a lead gen agency
Amazing team, Amazing work

"Can’t recommend them enough."
Ken Volk
Founder of a lead gen agency
Amazing team, Amazing work

"Zeus is the real deal. Before meeting Jordan, we had adequate systems in place. Now, our operations are absolutely humming. We've migrated virtually all of our entire company's workflows to Airtable - all systems talk to each other seamlessly - but perhaps most importantly, our team loves it. My life is exponentially easier, and my employees couldn't be happier. We're producing the same quality deliverables, but in half the time in most cases, sometimes even 10x faster. Morale is up, and our processes are operating at peak efficiency. So-called "operations" gurus are a dime a dozen, and almost all of them lean into "rah-rah, we'll 'coach' you" engagement models. Jordan's team actually implements - not just templated build-outs, but truly custom, bespoke stuff, exactly what your agency needs - and they're 1 percenters. Hire them."

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