How Zeus is Helping Dylan Rich and Co. Reach 7-Figures in Revenue in 2023

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Automated Revenue

Project overview

This case study illustrates how Automated Revenue, an SDR headhunting firm, utilized ZeusOS to systematize its applicant tracking, streamline project handoffs, and enhance client experience. Thanks to ZeusOS, Automated Revenue has a clear path to multiple 6-figures per month.

Apr 2023
About the Company
Dylan, the founder of Automated Revenue, is experienced in all things sales and building sales team. Despite his exceptional experience, he faced a common challenge in scaling his company while minimizing chaos and ensuring a positive experience for everyone who comes in contact with the company.


Automated Revenue had no system to track the massive volume of applicants it received each month, which created inefficiency and chaos within the organization, which was preventing them from reaching $100,000 per month.


Zeus installed a robust Applicant Tracking System built on Airtable. The system, which has loads of time-saving automations built into it, has transformed their business into a systematized 7-figure machine.

Project results

  • Revenue growth with a clear path to reach 7-figures very soon.
How Zeus is Helping Dylan Rich and Co. Reach 7-Figures in Revenue in 2023


ZeusOS proved invaluable in helping Automated Revenue streamline operations, enhance client experience, and scale effectively. With the personal touch and commitment of the Zeus team, Automated Revenue is now on the path to achieving higher, more consistent monthly revenues.

How Zeus is Helping Dylan Rich and Co. Reach 7-Figures in Revenue in 2023


"One of the best investments we've made in 2023." - Dylan Rich, Co-Founder of Automated Revenue & The SDR Whisperer

What our customers say.

Founder of a marketing agency

"ZeusOS automated almost all of our business operations and made our team at least 5 times more efficient."

Collin's agency went from $23,000 per month before Zeus to $120,000 per month nine months after Zeus.

Founder of a lead gen agency

"Working with Zeus is like drafting Patrick Mahomes for your business team. They're laser-precise, talented, and super passionate about winning. Plus, they'll take you straight to the promised land of success. So why wait? Get Zeus on your team and score the ultimate business victory today!"

Founder of a web agency

"If you sign 30 new clients this week, will you be able to handle all the work and keep everything in order? If not, you might need to buy the Zeus systems to help you. It's like buying something that helps stop fires from happening in your business, and you'd be wise to invest in something like that."

Sarah's agency went from $8,500 per month before Zeus to $31,000 per month nine months after Zeus.

Founder of a video agency

"The Zeus team helped us keep track of important information for our company. They also helped us create a system for managing projects that's easy to use and can grow with us. We wouldn't be able to grow our business without their help"

Alex sold his agency within a year of installation.

Founder of a marketing agency

"It was a fast and efficient process that didn't leave us waiting months to get the system in place. The training was really helpful for such a robust system, and we really appreciated the little personalizations that were implemented for our specific company."

Founder of a video agency
"The Zeus Team knows a lot about how a business should work. They helped me start organizing my business. They're kind and helpful people who want me to succeed and are always ready to help me. I definitely recommend them!"

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