Jordan Paris

Jordan Paris

Founder and CEO


Jordan Paris

Hey, I'm Jordan Paris.I live and breathe agency operations.

Culture, systems, all the ops stuff. I love it.

No matter where I go - a restaurant, a coffee shop, a gym - I'm thinking about the experience of it all, how every little word has an impact on the client experience. I am inspired by companies like Zappos (for their ability to listen) and the Ritz Carlton and Emirates airlines (for their premium, world-class experience). This all starts with culture. And if you do this right, you'll be able to provide a premium client experience (and be able to charge a premium for it).

I'm also fascinated by people like Henry Ford. Specifically, how he brought the assembly line to the auto industry in 1912, bringing the time it took to manufacture a car down from 12 hours, to 3 hours, and eventually to 90 minutes a few years later. I think about how this production pipeline applies to agency fulfillment. In fact, the systems development work we do for agencies at Zeus is very much in alignment with who I am as a person because this is how my brain has always worked since childhood. One of my first video games was Madden 2004. I remember loving the X's and O's of the game more than the game itself. I'd play practice mode and play around with moving the kicker to quarterback and weird stuff like that. As the years went on, I became increasingly obsessed with playing franchise mode in Madden, NBA 2k, MLB 2k (2k6 specifically), and even NHL 2k for a time. I LOVED the long-term strategic decision making of it all. I knew how much a player was worth like the back of my hand. I knew what a smart contract and a dumb contract was for each player. I knew the ideal age complexion of a team, and when not to resign players because they will be in steep decline far in advance of the contract's end. I loved stacking assets, making trades, managing lineups, etc. In a beautiful way, it connects to what we do now at Zeus - building operationally excellent agencies. This is mostly systems stuff. And if you do this right, you'll be able to charge premium prices on a large and lucrative scale.

Now, a bit more on my "resumé."


- been in the agency space since 2017.

- been involved in 7-figure agencies.

- been sought after as an ops consultant.

- worked with multi-8-figure brands at my Operations Agency, Zeus. Organzations with 50+ and even 100s of team members.

- worked with smaller agencies trying to hit the $100,000 MRR mark for the first time.

- had massive failures and even a devastating business breakup that forced me to use everything I've learned and start from $0 MRR again.

Through all of these experiences, I've seen what works and what doesn't from an operations perspective. I've combined these lessons with my natural operations mind that goes all the way back to my earliest childhood experiences and inclinations.

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